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Mod Post

We had minimal response to my last inquiring about reopening this place. Between that and working 3 jobs, I haven't been able to make a schedule work yet. Haven't stopped thinking about this place though, especially as icontests and graphic communities all over all dwindling.

One of our affiliates, calendarsquares, will be closing it's doors for good soon. This has been a place filled with inspiration and fun challenges for a long time and is one of the communities I clung to still participating at myself even with my chaotic schedule. It'll be sad to see it go. Help it go out with a bang for one last rumble~

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Mod Post

Hello all,

First off, I'm officially wondering what, if any, interest there is in reopening this community? Please comment below if you would be interested in participating in future challenges (comments are screened)~

While we're waiting to see how that turns out, calendarsquares is running the first rumble of the new year.

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Mod Update

I am still alive and still interested in this place. Don't know about anyone else. I was talking to a friend about reopening.... and then the Photobucket disaster happened. I'm still in the process of cleaning up that mess in my main graphics community right now. Finally making some headway there but... ouch. That's been a lot of links to fix! Then I'll be working on this place and whatever/wherever else might need fixing if we're to get back in action. In the meantime, there's another fun holiday(ish) challenge up at one of our affiliates. If you need/want some icon ideas, go check it out!

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RL is still hammering me, but I haven't forgotten about this place. In the meantime, take a look at our affiliate's activities for some iconing ideas.

animated20in20 - round 16 themes
basic_icontest - challenge 260 submissions
calendarsquares - April submissions & spring rumble 2017 sign ups
disney_hush - challenge 442 submissions
iconanimated - challenge 55 submissions
nexticon - round 104 submissions
tcg_exchange - sign up to play
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Round 104 Results

Not enough icons to run voting. Here are some icons to share for the theme.

Collapse )

Between work, kids, computer difficulties, and lack of participation, I'm a little burnt out and feeling like it's a chore to try and keep up even with the regular posts atm. For now, I'm going to place this community on HIATUS at least until I can get a better regular routine and maybe figure out what's wrong with my computer. Maybe everyone needs a bit of a break right now.
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Round 104 Submissions

Your theme for this round is Chibi Vampire.

If you need some images to work with, try checking out the scans available at minitokyo or the screencaps on google. Just remember to use the official sources. ^_~

You may submit up to three icons. Please include all submissions in the same comment.

All submissions should be submitted to this screened post in the format listed bellow.


Icons are due by 12pm PST Friday, March 24th. (countdown)

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